The worst part about cooking meals at home is the toll it takes on your kitchen. Running around the kitchen to clean produce, dice ingredients, strain noodles, etc., leaves a trail of disaster across the home. These are all problems of the past thanks to The Galley Sink, which allows you to transform your kitchen sink into a practical workstation.

The Galley workstation for your sink is a useful kitchen remodel which allows you to prepare meals, serve, and tidy up all in one place. Not only does it look modern and fashionable, but it’s also extremely functional. The Galley comes in many different sizes and packages in order to accommodate sinks of all shapes and sizes. Have an outdoor kitchen? Take food straight from the grill to the serving table with The Galley! Don’t need the drying rack? Opt for a smaller package!


The Galley makes clean-up easier and less time-consuming than ever with everything being prepared over the sink. No more crying over spilled milk, literally! The Galley sink model even allows multiple tasks to be completed at once, with no need to defrost meat and wash veggies in different areas of the kitchen.  

Today, we’re diving into three completely different ways that adding The Galley sink to your home can change the way you think about preparing meals in the home.

1. Food Preparation

Take-out is usually seen as the “easy” option because cooking involves the use of many different parts of the kitchen. Let’s say you’re dicing up peppers by the fridge, dethawing meat in the sink, and preparing a dessert in the oven. With so many things happening at once, the floor is bound to end up with food scraps, spills, and messes along the way. The Galley sink allows all of this preparation to occur in one area, the sink! Any messes created along the way can go straight down the drain.


2. Food Presentation

When hosting guests, family, or friends to your home, you want the meals prepared to look their best. The Galley sink offers a nice twist on your typical serving platters. For example, their “Ideal Workstation” package offers a wash and serve set allowing you to serve the meal, garnishes, drinks, condiments, etc. from an organized assembly line. This little touch elevates your meal by showing the care taken in preparing it. Not to mention, with everyone serving themselves over the sink, clean-up is a breeze!

3. Clean-Up

Last but not least, The Galley sink model makes every step of the clean-up process simplified. With everything prepared and served in one area, this cuts back on time spent wiping down every counter or sweeping the entire room. Simply disassemble your galley sink presentation and preparation materials, rinse out the sink, pop your dishes in the dishwasher, and you’re done!

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