4 Steps To Declutter Like a Pro


What’s the best time of the year to declutter? All the time! Studies show that a clutter free home lowers cortisol levels, allowing you to live your best life. Follow these 4 easy steps in order to get started!

1. Gather a Donation Bag

Use one trash bag designated for trash and one bag designated for donations. Expired food, empty products, and all other general garbage items will go in the trash bag. As you organize, you can also set aside a bag to give to a local donation center. Most donation centers will accept your outdated home decor, miscellaneous eating utensils, blankets, clothes, etc. When sifting through your belongings, try to really consider whether or not each item still serves you and sparks joy!

2. Acquire Organizers… For Every Drawer!

Once you’ve cleaned off your countertops, you may be thinking, “Now my drawers are full of clutter!”. Purchasing a drawer organizer is a simple, frugal solution to this problem. You’ve probably seen these used for silverware, however, there are different models that can be used to organize virtually any drawer in your home! Drawer organizers are sold all over the place, and usually, for a low price.

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3. Mason Jars

Mason jars can be used to organize a wide variety of household items. Mason jars are a trendy, cost-efficient way to organize items ranging from makeup brushes to cereal. The jars are typically sold in packs of twelve for only about $10! Not to mention, if you’re feeling crafty, you can paint and/or label the jars to match the theme of the room. 


4. Everything. Off. The. Counters.

Even if your home is immaculate, a growing stack of papers on the kitchen counter immediately makes the room appear unkempt. This premise is much easier to stick to when you have designated areas for mail, receipts, report cards, etc. Instead, put those cabinets and drawers to work! If you’re still finding that is not enough space for your things, consider installing some floating shelves and/or cleaning out items you may no longer use.


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