Kitchens are known to be the heart of everyone’s home. With this being said, homeowners don’t want to have to update their living space every few years to match the upcoming trend. When designing a kitchen it is important to include timeless features that could never go out of style. These are kitchen trends that include just that. 

Two-Tone Kitchens

Gone are the days of matchy-matchy spaces. Feel free to mix it up because two toned kitchens are in! If you just want to dip your toe into the water, try light grey cabinets with a dark grey island. If you are feeling bold, paint one wall of cabinets a deep purple while leaving your other cabinets a neutral color. Weather mixing lights and darks, different shades of a single shade or simply adding a pop of color to add drama, this combination of colors adds interest to any kitchen! 

Open Shelving

Open shelving is a trend that can be a little controversial. While some people would rather conceal their stash of kitchen clutter, others make the bold step towards exposing the beautiful kitchenware that they have collected over the years. Either way, if executed correctly, this trend resembles the beauty of upscale hotel shelving inspired by the minimalist trend that has been popular in the past. 

Fun Backsplashes

Backsplashes can be a fun aspect of your kitchen to play around with. In the past few months we have been seeing lots of bold colors, unique shapes and fun textures being incorporated into backsplashes. We are loving the look of white tiles with dark grout. Penny Tiles, Chevron Patterns and Moorish Tiles can be fun details to play around with. Another great backsplash to try is Marble. This is a unique choice to play around with because it can be featured as traditional or modern. The choices are endless with this trend. 

Mixing Elements

Mixing traditional and modern elements has been a huge trend in every aspect recently so it does not come as a surprise that people want their homes to mirror this as well. By mixing elements that are traditional and elements that are modern, neither style is overpowering. Too much of either may ruin the space, making it look dated. Appliance companies like Smeg, Big Chill and Hallman are using this trend to incorporate the look of vintage appliances within any style of kitchen. 

Colored Cabinetry

Moving away from the all white kitchen, colored cabinetry is a trend that will always make a statement! Although it can be hard to conquer, if done correctly, this trend can truly create an incredible, unique space. Not sure if you want to make the bold transition, maybe incorporate both the two toned kitchen trend and the colored cabinet trend by simply painting your island the fun burnt orange you have been eyeing for months! 
Looking to update your kitchen with one of these up and coming trends? The professionals at Standard Kitchen and Bath are always ready to take on a new project!
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