From reading a magazine to exploring instagram, you are bound to find new and upcoming trends to help get you excited about your kitchen remodel. Although, how do you know the right ones to follow? At Standard Kitchen, we love to focus on color balance. It is important to put your attention towards dark and light elements because it will help make your kitchen pop. Making use of the color palette has definitely become more common over the years, rather than sticking with just black or white.

There are so many options to choose from when trying to achieve a modern and updated kitchen. To help get you ahead of the game, here are some upcoming kitchen color trends for 2022.

Sunny Celebration 

Yellow and burnt oranges are a great color to use because, as we all know, it symbolizes happiness. The kitchen is the true heart of the home, where families gather to indulge in good food, relax, and entertain. It is not necessary to paint the walls this color, but it is best seen used as an accent. Painting the lower cabinets would make the hues pop.

Sage Green 

Green is already used a lot in updated kitchens, but it’s popularity still grows in every season. It is a great color to enhance the atmosphere and interior design in your kitchen. This color is loved so much because it is calming and reflects earthy tones. It still allows you to be bold without overpowering the room.

Natural Pink 

Surprisingly pink can help create a sophisticated design in kitchens when paired right with a mix of soft grays. The right shade of pink can be painted on an accent wall or even a pink tiled black splash would look amazing! One of our favorite trends is installing a pink retro fridge. A very unique look that brings style to the space.

Sapphire Blue

Blues are ready to make a splash this upcoming year. This color will create a dramatic and moody look for your kitchen in many ways. In our opinion, blue cabinets are best paired with white marble countertops.

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