How to keep up with this year’s upcoming trends…

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In the past few years, the farmhouse look has dominated the top kitchen trends. However, as you know, trends are constantly changing. After researching the top upcoming interior decorating trends, we have compiled a comprehensive list of all the ways you can keep your home contemporary in 2021.



Minimalist decorating embodies the saying, “sometimes less is more”. This style focuses on simplicity and function. Eliminating clutter by finding a stylish storage space for everything is step one. Step two would be to go through your house, room by room, and toss anything that is no longer serving you or sparking joy. By incorporating a minimalist style to your home, you can bring attention to the desired focal point of each room, rather than piles of paper or junk.

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Pops of Color

Gone are the days of all neutral colored rooms and bathrooms. Express your individuality with an accent color! The key aspect to this color pop trend is keeping it relatively monochromatic. You don’t want your space to have an overwhelming look, so keep it subtle! Whether you opt for colorful appliances, cabinets, or accent decor, this is an incredible way to brighten up a room and keep it looking modern.

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Floating Shelves

Are your essential appliances sitting out on the countertop? While it is convenient to do this, it creates a cluttered, overwhelming look. One trendy, effective solution to this problem is to install floating shelves. These can be used for anything from a kitchen spice rack to a bathroom skincare display. Not only are they functional, they’re also visually appealing!

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Marble Countertops

Marble countertops are beautiful, but even more than that, they’re durable. These counters are especially ideal for any family with young children. They’re trendy, heat and scratch resistant, and give a great polished look to the home. If you’re looking to give your kitchen an upgrade in 2021, marble countertops may be the perfect solution!

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Wallpaper is back! But we aren’t talking about your grandma’s floral walls from the 80’s… Easy installation, damage free wallpaper is all the rage these days. Tons of companies, even Target, are hopping on the bandwagon of stick-and-peel wallpaper, and we’re here for it. It’s safe to use for renters, and it can give a room the flavor it deserves, without the hassle of painting.

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