Many larger homes today have returned to having a rather large, walk-in pantry for storage of food items, cooking equipment, paper goods and the like.  These were very often built in to homes in the mid 1900’s during the fledgling days of TV, and also before that.  In those times, kitchens often had a sink, a stove, refrigerator, and a large table with chairs for family meals. Everything was stored in the pantry closet.

Soon, homeowners were looking for and demanding larger kitchens, and by the 70’s, they were being built with rows of cabinets, both on the floor and attached to the wall above. The walk-in pantry closets were disappearing in favor of using that space for the expanded kitchen. The kitchen cabinets could now hold rows of boxes, jars and cans. This is convenient for keeping often-used items close at hand, however it’s usually hard to dig out, or even remember, whatever is stored at the back of these cabinet shelves.

Over more-recent decades, a lot of ideas and designs have come about, with innovation and professional kitchen design, that offer ever-improving functionality  of pantry storage. Specialized shelving and cabinets make storage easier, and more efficient.

Taking advantage of some of the modern solutions can sometimes be done by retrofitting and improving existing cabinetry. The more innovative cabinets, offering specialized storage, requires having them designed into a newly built or renovated kitchen.

IMPROVE EXISTING CABINETS – Add specialized storage racks, for spices, pot lids, paper rolls, as well as hooks, and small-item holders, to inside of cabinet doors. Add roll-out wood or metal shelves, with rims, to base cabinets.


Less expensive or moderate cost

Expands the life and usability of existing cabinets

Shelves can be adjusted for height differences.

Easier access to pantry items


Strength of door hinges may not be adequate.

Door racks or rolling shelves may not hold heavy loads

Height adjustments not easily accomplished

PANTRY CABINETS, CHEF PANTRIES AND DEEP DRAWERS – These are specialized cabinets where one or two tall doors can be pulled out, or open, to reveal shelves which can sometimes be rotated to access additional storage at back. Deep drawers inside base cabinets hold cookware and other heavier items


Most accessible solution for seeing and reaching all items

Ability to hold heavy items

Utilize space floor to ceiling at times

Best organization of items


Often expensive

Operation of rotating or fold-out sections can be difficult

Repairs for poor manufacturing or design are expensive.

Larger homes today, especially those with big families, often have made a return to the walk-in pantry closet, in addition to utilizing the modern, efficient cabinet designs.  To arrive at the best solution for YOUR kitchen, requires understanding of your specific needs. Do you have youngsters at home or elder family members? Will a microwave in a drawer be safer for your family? Do you use many heavy, small appliances?

Working with the right professional kitchen designer will help to ask the right questions and find the best solutions for your kitchen storage needs. We’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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