As an entertainment hub, an outdoor living space has been proven to increase the value of a home making for an innovative and lucrative investment. As the need to restructure social gatherings from going out to staying in has increased, interest in a beautiful outdoor kitchen has become more relevant. Due to this increased interest in entertaining outdoors we are proud to now offer ALUNIQ – the most versatile and weather resistant products made today with various unique designs to meet all different needs.

ALUNIQ outdoor kitchen line is a notch above the rest because it utilizes quality materials that make us confident in offering it to our clients. ALUNIQ was created through the process of using one of Earth’s greatest natural resources, aluminum, and converting it into the most innovative kitchens in the world. Aluminum has a far better strength to weight ratio than steel, allowing it to be the best choice for exterior cabinets. Pounding rain, hot summers, and cold snowy winters are no problem. Structurally, aluminum fares a whole lot better when it is exposed to the elements. ALUNIQ’s aluminum cabinets are durable, fire resistant, waterproof, anti-corrosive and antimicrobial. Built with solid anodized finish will not promote the growth of bacteria or odors, making it easy to clean and maintain.

Our team of designers are not only impressed with the durability of ALUNIQ, but also the modular construction for unlimited designs. Storage & workflow are essential in any kitchen, even outdoor ones. That’s why ALUNIQ cabinets are modular, spacious & feature specialty cabinets for the propane tank & waste basket. No two outdoor living spaces are the same, the ability to customize the size and flow of your space is key in designing the perfect kitchen for your family.

With the desire to spend more quality time outdoors, ALUNIQ is designed with your lifestyle in mind. Our team of designers is ready to give your backyard a fresh, modern look or keep it classic and simple with a wood textured finish. Either way, you will enjoy beautiful and resilient outdoor cabinetry that you can trust to withstand the elements.

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