More than ever, the Knoxville market in 2021 is BOOMING with a high demand for new homes. The competition is strong and properties are selling just as quickly as they are posted. Any real estate agent will tell you they have been overworking this summer season to help buyers swipe right on their dream home.

1). Cabinets

One of the elements in a kitchen that attracts attention, are cabinets because they simply match eye-level. However, that all-important first impression for home buyers is lost when your kitchen cabinets lag behind current trends. Whether the natural wood has faded color over time or they are screaming to be redone for a new aesthetic, we recommend “sprucing up the spruce!”

Standard Kitchen & Bath cabinetry options come in an infinite variety of wood species, finishes and furniture-styled details. From traditional to transitional, rustic to modern, our cabinetry options afford a flexibility of design options to meet the diverse design goals and budgets of our clients.

2.) Update appliances

We know you are all familiar with the update notifications on your phone, but have you ever realized your kitchen is telling you the same thing. Refrigerators and ovens from the long ago will not win the favor of potential buyers nor their approval of your kitchen. To compete in the current housing market, Knoxville homeowners need to bring 2021 into their kitchen.

3.) Shine Bright!

With new cabinets and current appliances, new lighting will highlight these additions. Depending on your color aesthetic, we advise bright LED bulbs that will make your heart of the home pop.

For kitchens following the most recent trends, with whites and other neutral colors, LED bulbs will compliment nicely. They bring out these colors without overdoing it.

4.) Tile and Grout

It is easy to forget about tile and grout since it is under your feet and tends to go unnoticed to the eye, after living with it for so long. However, for that first impression with a family viewing your kitchen, a proper cleaning of these spaces is needed.

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