Are you looking for laundry room ideas for a new home you’re building? Maybe you’re ready to renovate your current laundry room. There are so many new ideas out there to improve function and utility as well as style, this can be a fun and worthwhile project as more and more home buyers are adding a modern laundry room to their list of must-haves in the Knoxville home market.

First decide on some basics, such as where you want it. Traditionally, because of noise, and the messiness of clothes everywhere, laundry rooms have been placed in garages, basements, and utility closets, but this can make a thankless chore even more unappealing and inconvenient. Modern machines are quiet and even stylish. In newer homes they are found near main areas of the house, such as the kitchen or master bedroom, whether upstairs or on the main level.

Today’s laundry rooms can easily be multi-functional. It’s often convenient near a back entry, which would make it perfect for mudroom duty by adding lockers, seats, and storage cabinets for extra jackets, boots, hats, bags etc.

Your laundry room renovation could include a work area for the crafty person in your house, and/or a gift-wrap center. What about a pet washing station? This is a trend we are seeing that keeps one mess out of other areas of the house. Consider having it raised off the floor to save your back. Under the dog shower could be a dog bed or feeding station. Make room for food, leashes, toys etc, nearby. Another space could be designed to be a gardening shed for whoever has the greenest thumb. It’s simple to add storage for gardening supplies, tools and pots.

One customer of ours added the laundry appliances to her home office. Ample cabinets and shelving held office supplies and files as well as typical laundry items. A sliding door concealed the washer and dryer when desired, and at other times, laundry chores could be handled efficiently during lulls in office work.

There are not a lot of must-haves besides your appliances in a laundry room. You want a sink, storage for supplies, and a flat surface for folding. Most often, laundry rooms have kitchen-like top and base cabinets, with countertops. If space is an issue, you can have a flat surface that fits above your front-loading washer and dryer, and open shelving for storage. If the squeeze is really tight, stack the washer and dryer.

Laundry Room Cabinets

So many practical and innovative laundry items are available now, your space can be customized for you. Fold out ironing boards have been around for ages, but today’s versions operate smoothly and have space for the iron and handy electrical outlets. Your storage cabinetry can be personalized for your needs. Add pull out or fold down drying racks, a rod for hanging clothes just out of the dryer, and shelves or bins to hide and hold laundry baskets. This may be the best room to also store your brooms and mops, vacuum cleaner and trash baskets. Then don’t forget a spot for wall hooks, a mirror maybe, and how about wall clips next to the dryer for those single socks until their mate turns up. We can work with you to custom design the perfect space that best suits your family.

Since this room may be one of the smallest in the house, like the powder room, it could be a great place to be bold with design. Add a lively print wallpaper or bold color cabinets. Washers and dryers can be found in red, black, and some designer colors in addition to the standard white or stainless. We are here for you when you want expert help with planning, design, and installation. We can guide you, or take on the entire project.

Looking for more ideas about how to design your laundry room or other space? Stop in and see us.

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