The Psychology of Color in Your Home 

Have you ever stopped and considered how the colors in your home affect the overall ambiance of your space? Learn more in today’s blog.


The color white provides a clean, fresh ambiance. White has been used throughout history to create a sense of cleanliness, youth, and modernity. Think of the fact that wedding dresses are white. This was designed due to the fact that white was seen as “pure” and innocent. Overall, we love white cabinetry. It’s sleek, timeless, and brightens up a room.


Overall, pink is seen as a positive, welcoming color. There are little to no negative emotions surrounding this color, however, some see it as “feminine.” Pink is tranquil, yet emotional. It is warm and optimistic, making it perfect for remodels like this one that we completed for a child bathroom. 


Red is bold. It’s an attention-grabbing, energetic color. Red grabs your focus in any room, and often is used to signify strength, strong emotions, and love. This warm color can literally “warp the mind”, according to BBC Future (https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20140827-how-the-colour-red-warps-the-mind) Red can be tricky, because while it attracts positive feeling such as love, it also attracts elements of destruction such as fire. If you are looking to add passion and warmth to your home, this could be the color choice for you.


Blue, a common color for kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, attracts feelings of calm and serenity. Ever wondered with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media platforms utilize the color blue in their logos? This is because color psychology tells us that blue is seen as reliable and creative. If you’re looking to bring a relaxed ambiance to your space, blue is a fabulous option.


The color black is powerful yet mysterious. It’s sleek, yet emotional. Black isn’t always associated with the most positive emotions, but it indicates authority and intelligence. Beyond the psychological aspects of the color black, it is also great for a more low maintenance environment. Black cabinetry won’t dirty-up the same was an all-white kitchen will. This makes its a great option for families.


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