1.) Copper Sinks 

Photo via Standard Kitchen

Looking to add beauty and elegance to your kitchen? Installing a copper sink has the power to add character to your space. Copper is said to be mankind’s oldest metal that projects a naturally captivating color. Many times homeowners install copper range hoods, pots and decorative pieces but overlook the usefulness in sinks. The popularity for investing copper sinks has recently increased for several reasons: Appearance, Durable, Healthful, Easy Maintenance, and Stain Free. 

2.) Granite & Quartz Sinks 

Photo via Pintrest

Granite and Quartz is more than just a countertop. If this material has been able to last through the wear and tear of your family, it only makes sense to use it in the sink. Its natural element can make a stunning statement to your kitchen. The growing popularity of matte black is a striking feature in kitchen designs. 

3.) Galley Sink

Photo via Ruvati

Tired of feeling like you don’t have enough counter space when you’re trying to make dinner and your family “patiently” waits for it to be done? The Galley sink is here to make your life a whole lot easier. It goes beyond holding dirty dishes. This sink serves as a prep area that includes a cutting board, colander and a dish drying rack. Turn your busy kitchen into a space that is fun and efficient.