White Hot

While it’s heating up outside, kitchens everywhere are getting hot too.  White hot.  It is no secret that the “white kitchen” is one of the most requested looks kitchen designers are hearing these days.  And let’s face it….there are many reasons why the white kitchen has made the no-color color the most desired palette for the most popular room in the house.  A white color scheme opens up small spaces and provides a fresh canvas for larger ones.  You can bring in your favorite accents without the worrisome question of “does it go?”  That wonderful white brings a look of sleekness a_54G5264tand serenity to a room that is often filled with cooking and chaos.

However, there are homeowners who—while loving the idea of a white kitchen—also want a kitchen that has elements of warmth to it.  There are those who fear that the only color accent their all-white kitchen will have will be the droplets of red wine or the remnants of a late-night chocolate binge.  All these homeowners can still choose beautiful white cabinetry and use a few stylish elements to give their kitchens tons of character.

Contrasting white cabinetry with a kitchen island having a wood or paint finish on its base is a great place to start.  Also, rather than using white tile flooring, choose a darker wide-plank hardwood to make those white cabinets pop.  Even something as simple as choosing hardware with a bronze or black finish rather than brushed nickel on your white cabinetry is very eye-catching.  Many homeowners love the idea of using a granite or quartz countertop that has some pattern and color to it.  This not only is a great way to accentuate the white cabinets, but also eliminates the anguish caused by the aforementioned remains of wine and chocolate!


An intricate backsplash with lots of grays and neutrals involved will add depth to your white kitchen.  Even if you prefer a white backsplash, simply choose a darker grout/white tile combination such as a gray grout between white subway tiles.  And don’t forget to look up!  Using ceiling beams with contrasting wood stain or painting the ceiling in a shade of gray is a creative way to add color to your white kitchen.  Of course a simple way to accent that white kitchen is to add a colorful or patterned accent rug or pillow, display colored glassware, or just change that white Kitchen Aid mixer out for a red one.  As the owner of the coveted “white kitchen,” you can be confident in both its timeless appeal and its endless possibilities for years to come.  Now go enjoy your wine…and chocolate.