Beautiful, functional cabinetry is not just for kitchens and baths. It can add storage, hide unattractive items and equipment, while complementing the ambiance and comfort of your home.  Beautiful cabinets can be added to many other rooms of the house and create an updated modern look.

Those old armoire style TV cabinets and huge entertainment units are from another era, and they took up so much space they have now outlived their original intent and usefulness.  We really no longer want those items in our homes, but do want somewhere attractive to put the TV, and sound system components for example. Cabinetry can be custom built or assembled from various sizes and shapes to fit with budgets on many levels.  The most popular styles have room for closed storage as well as open display spaces. And since the TV now hangs on the wall, these new centers don’t need to project far into the room. Contemporary designs make these a good way to update your family room or living room. Try the bump outs that go from floor to ceiling with a TV hung at eye level or above, and a gas fireplace below.
Since these are usually the focal point of the room, there is often space on each side for some type of storage and shelving. The invisible support shelves are especially popular.

Bedrooms also often benefit from storage in addition to your clothes closet. Cabinetry at both sides of the bed can be the answer for an attractive way to conceal the books and magazines you are reading and saving, a place for your coffee maybe, and other things you want handy such as pens and pads, games as well as lovely knick-knacks to display.

While we’re talking about your bedroom closet, it may be time to customize it to keep the items you actually have, organized and easily accessible.  Do you need lots of extra space for shoes and handbags for example? That kind of design, and drawers for jewelry, can allow for careful organization and personalized storage. Maybe you even need a closet that’s like another whole room, with seating areas, a chandelier, and closed units filling the space high up next to the ceiling to accommodate rarely used extra linens, blankets and other saved items.

The matching china cabinets we used to have in our dining room can now seem a little old fashioned next to contemporary dining tables and chairs. Design magazines show painted china cabinets to hold your dinnerware and cherished decorative pieces.  This is one nice solution, but may be difficult to find a correct fit for your room.  A perfect fit can be accomplished with custom built or fitted cabinetry in any combination of open or covered shelves, glass or solid doors, moldings and trims or slim and sleek designs.

These cabinets can be an investment, but the beauty and functionality they add to your home are probably worth the price. We can help you weigh the pros and cons of such an investment. 

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