1.) Beadboard Cabinets
The perfect cabinet for farmhouse-style kitchens! The main attraction to these cabinets is the comfy, cottage look that the textured panels provide. These cabinets are versatile as they’re also very popular in beach houses and French-style homes.



2.) Shaker Cabinets
Shaker cabinets are one of the most popular styles of cabinetry. This style originated from a group known as The Shakers, a branch off of the Quaker community, who are known for the simplistic lifestyles. This simplicity is reflected by the Shaker Cabinets, and it has allowed them to gain popularity in contemporary and traditional homes.



3.) Slab Cabinets
Sometimes referred to as “flat-panel cabinets”, this design offers a modern and minimalistic look. Their name originates from the fact that these cabinets aren’t composed of panels but instead appear as one flat panel of wood with clean-cut edges.



4.) Raised Panel Cabinets
Raised Panel Cabinetry makes for a beautiful and traditional addition to any home. Their design is somewhat self-explanatory as they featured a raised piece in the center with carvings or slopes surrounding this middle portion. Some see this style as old-school, but they’re widely accepted as a timeless and sophisticated cabinetry option.



5.) Rustic Cabinets
Rustic Cabinets are charming and welcoming. This design is wooden and usually characterized by the use of knotty wood. These knots found in the wood are utilized to create a gorgeous, country look for the cabinets. These cabinets may appear to be distressed, worn, and antique. When searching for this style, it’s most commonly found in alder, cherry, and pine woods. The design originates from the natural look of log cabins, however, Rustic Cabinets have continually withstood the test of time by remaining prevalent in modern cabinetry design trends.


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