Do you want to update your home but first need to decide where to focus your spending? That decision is not easy, and the answer depends a lot on home values in your city or neighborhood, and how long you are staying in the house.

Knoxville is desirable because of our moderate climate, great things to do, and home prices that are a great value compared to many other hot real estate markets.  And we know there’s no place friendlier.

The longer you’ll live in your updated home, the greater the value of your use and enjoyment in it, but that is hard to link to a dollar amount. If you decide to sell in the near future, you are more concerned with changes being attractive to buyers.

Consider curb appeal first, because it’s still true that you have only one chance to make a first impression, and you want to get to a second impression of showing buyers the inside of your home.  

Good landscaping is essential and hints at how carefully the home has been maintained. You can do a total do-over, or decide on some simple, economical updates that can also make a big difference. Trim shrubs well, and especially any that are overgrown or cover a window. New mulch gives an instant facelift, as does a power-wash of exterior areas. Or you may choose to just paint the front door, replace your house numbers, and put out a new welcome mat.

A major decision is whether to increase the usable square footage, with an add-on for example, or maybe finishing the basement. That may be the way to add a bathroom and/or a bedroom. According to the National Association of Realtors, adding a bathroom increased the sale price more than twice the rate of adding a bedroom.

We all know kitchens and bathrooms sell the house. This is where new-home builders splurge, so buyers want the new features and functionality too. A whole new kitchen and bath is the ultimate update. But a decision to do fairly minor changes can add the appeal of today’s style more moderately.

A second bathroom sink is a much-requested feature, and is often worth a new vanity to fit. Choose beautiful, modern light fixtures and contemporary fittings and hardware for any bath update.

For kitchen remodels, new cabinetry and flooring make the biggest impact, though stainless appliances are close. Sometimes though, new cabinet doors can be enough. Add a pantry if you can, or a well organized pantry cabinet.  The most modern and functional trend is adding an island, but you’ll need enough space to have clearance all around. Removing a dividing wall could give you the clearance and also create a stylish and useful open concept with the look of a larger space Again, be sure to get current light fixtures, faucets and other hardware. Here’s where you can use the trendy bling, in large sparkling pendants over the island.

And, as always, you know we’re here for you with advice, planning, cabinet options in every price range, and the expertise to handle your project from start to finish.

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