While trends are just that, trends, it’s great to continuously add small tweaks to your space so it feels fresh and new! Even in a new home trends are ever-changing and a new year has brought so many exciting new designs we are loving! Being open to small updates will keep that “new kitchen feeling” going for years!

If the past few years an all white everything approach has been a trending decision is home design. While we haven’t lost our love for a bright white space, we are excited that eye catching colors are having a serious moment in 2020. Here are some options we are loving:

Center Of Attention

Color blocking is a trend interior designers have pulled from the fashion industry and is a great way to gold bold without going… too bold. Kitchen islands are a great central location to throw in a pop of color because is ads visual interest to the space without looking too overwhelming. A bright kitchen island if great for the less-is-more philosophy. The key here is to go with the same style cabinets as the rest of your kitchen so your bold kitchen island blends perfectly! Check out this electric blue island from Patrick Ahearn Architecture:












Things Are Looking Up

Does the idea of a painted ceiling catch you off guard? Painting your ceiling might be a pain in the neck (literally), but it is a truly unique option that will make your kitchen stand out from the rest! We love this option because it completely changes the vibe of a room and can be done quickly and on a budget. Cha-ching! Need some inspo to see what we’re talking about? Check out this black ceiling photographed by Annie Schlechter for Country Living:


















Showstopper Cabinets

If playing it safe isn’t your style and you really want to commit to the colorful trend, vibrant cabinetry is for you!

“We’re seeing a move toward colors that are darker and moodier, but also grounded in nature. We expect interest in those hues to extend toward kitchen cabinets. Blues and greens work well because of the variety in those color families, and they provide a sense of comfort.” — Sue Wadden from Sherwin Williams

We have to agree with Sue, more bold and beautiful cabinet color options emerging in 2020. From rich dark hues to playful jewel tones, every shade of the rainbow is on the table. Check out a few of these kitchen cabinets that have caught our eye:




















(From A Beautiful Mess)















(From My Domain)



















(From Elle Decor)



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