We all know it is beautiful bathrooms, as well as kitchens, that create the most value in home sales. And since vanities are the focal point of numerous bathrooms, we are sharing here the latest elements in vanities and bathroom cabinetry, that we are seeing and that we know are also trending in designs around the country.  If you are interested in these current design elements, and wonder how they would look in your bathroom, stop in and talk to one of our professionals.

Natural design

There is nothing like familiar wood to make a statement for the current natural design style, which often brings the outdoors in for organic charm and serenity. The natural grain and texture that real wood vanities carry is authentic and appeals to our senses. Leather or glass pulls go well with this style as well as the darker and less shiny faucets and fixtures. While it’s enjoying new popularity, wood has long been used for vanities of course and is still the preference of many traditional homeowners and builders. There are countless finishes, colors and hardware that could make your vanity unique.



Sleek and smooth, flat-slab cabinetry can create an ultra modern look in your bathroom. You would want to have minimal hardware showing on the vanity, and a countertop that is plain and simple, maybe a solid color rather than granite. An uncluttered counter is extra important in a minimalist-design bath. Only those devoted to minimalist living, without extra products or decorative items in the bathroom, are likely to go this way.


Open shelves

The open shelving we’ve been seeing in kitchens, is found in bathroom cabinetry as well now. Often the vanity will have an open shelf at the bottom for displayed storage, as well as open shelving on the walls for more storage space. Open shelving may seem counterintuitive when the design books are teaching us the uncluttered look, but by artful arrangements of decorative vases, dispensers and the like, and making sure there is also hidden storage, we can enjoy the newest version of the open shelf style.  Plenty of folded white towels, with prettily packaged lotions and potions on those shelves, can add a spa-like look to your bath.

Marble counters

Marble and marble alternatives are extremely popular for countertops today, and both, add a luxurious look while being functional in durability and care. Marble of course was chosen for thousands of years in structures still standing throughout Europe and elsewhere. It is always in style whether your vanity is contemporary or traditional. Be aware though, it can stain and etch. There are fine products such as quartz composite and others, available that mimic marble and some not-so-fine. We will be happy to explain the many options and help you choose.

Floating vanities

These are hung on the wall with a somewhat large space between the cabinet bottom and the floor, giving a sleek and modern look. Because the flooring is extended all the way to the wall, the room feels open and larger. Many surfaces are available from smooth and glossy, to a natural, textured wood. This trend is often used in the more-modern homes. Floating vanities can be hung at any height in order to add to the design and accommodate someone very tall or very short. They can be beautiful and functional for those using a wheel chair by allowing knee and foot space.


Industrial design

The new appeal of industrial design is often about visible building materials that traditionally, are concealed. This style creates a look and feel that is both old and traditional while again being fresh and new. The industrial style vanities, often include exposed pipes and rustic hardware, and are likely to consist of a wooden top with shelves below. Other elements may be, trough-designed sinks, concrete counters, and black or shiny metal pipes in view.

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