Looking to sell your home? Or do you love the space you’re in, but want to give your interiors a little more appeal?  To attract prospective buyers or to simply increase your property value while enhancing your daily living space, the kitchen is the perfect place to invest money.  In fact, the right kitchen cabinetry design can single-handedly determine what you—and others—feel about your home.  According to sources, there are four main ingredients for kitchen cabinetry with wide appeal—quality, symmetry, light, and open space.

Quality:  This factor trumps quantity every time.  Spend your money on a few quality cabinets rather than several of a lesser-grade.  Don’t forget about the details either.  Choose quality hinges and runners and soft-close drawers.

Symmetry:  It has universal appeal and most people will naturally gravitate towards a more symmetric display.  Keep the cabinetry simple.  Where possible, keep wall cabinetry the same size and the drawers large and expansive.  Less is always more in this case.

Light:  The white cabinets win again!  There’s no way around it…a kitchen that is white makes the space feel brighter, lighter, and bigger.  For those of you hoping to sell your home, white also leaves the new buyer with a clean slate.  If you prefer some contrast in your kitchen, use other neutral colors in your backsplash, island, or counter tops.

Open space:  Where possible, be willing to create an open kitchen space by losing a wall (or two).  By increasing the openness of the kitchen, there is more space created for an island and places for additional “living.”

Today’s kitchen is much more than a place to whip up a quick meal or try a new recipe.  It is where we entertain guests, solve homework problems, and relax with a cup of coffee.  That’s why it is worth the investment.


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