With all the decorating shows and magazines, most people have seen popular trends they want for their kitchens. However, It’s harder to know which trends are becoming worn looking and need to be retired, and which are still growing. Below are some to avoid.

A microwave over the range immediately dates your kitchen; when a hood over the stove makes it look not only newer, but more upscale. Find a more accessible place for the microwave where all ages can more safely use it.

Artwork that is kitchen specific, like drawings of chefs and prints of dinnerware, are tired. Likewise, graphic signs or feel-good sayings have had their day in the sun. You’ll be happier when you choose art that appeals to you for its artistry, and not because it relates to kitchens or your mindset.

Cabinets make the most impact in your kitchen. White cabinets still work beautifully, but pure white on white on white minimalist kitchens can look cold and bland. Also, rows of too many moldings on cabinet doors, above them, between and under them, gather dust and can look too ornate. If you’re not sure what you are doing choose from the many simple styles available.

People are finding it difficult to live with the fairly new trend of all upper cabinets being replaced by open shelving. Consider installing some upper cabinets, to store every-day items, together with smaller areas of open shelving to add both interest and function.

Avoid using the short upper cabinets which leave an awkward space above. Tall cabinets, often reaching to the ceiling, provide a continuous and cohesive look and expand your storage space.

Skip matchy-matchy metal finishes where all hardware, like faucets, door pulls, light fixtures and bar stools, are in stainless steel to match the appliances. Using mixed metals is one of the biggest trends for kitchen designs in 2019.

And a last few avoidance maneuvers: Tile countertops look out of date and are difficult to maintain because of grout stains. Don’t hang pots on a large rack over an island but try rollouts in your cabinets instead. Kitchen desks take too much space in small kitchens that might be used for a pantry or storage.

Above all, don’t skip professional advice. Tried and true professional designers will make sure you do not install a beautiful new kitchen with outdated designs that look old even when just installed. Here at Standard Kitchen in Knoxville our professional kitchen designers can guide you every step of the way.

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