Is the process of installing custom cabinetry worth it? Should I just get stock shelves? What’s the difference?
We believe that a custom kitchen is such an incredible investment. Instead of being manufactured ahead of time and sold in bulk, custom cabinetry is built especially for your kitchen. Custom cabinetry frequently features higher-quality wood and craftsmanship due to the special considerations taken for your space and style.
Stock cabinets are built ahead of time and placed on shelves, ready for purchase, based on conventional cabinet sizes. Stock cabinetry is more convenient and less expensive because it’s mass-produced and sold off the shelf. Due to the way that custom cabinets are built and installed, they have been shown to last significantly longer than standard cabinets. While stock cabinets are mass-produced, custom cabinetry is handcrafted.
Custom cabinetry adds not only monetary worth to your home, but also aesthetic appeal. In terms of finishes, space and storage, and design control, custom cabinetry is far superior then standardized or stock cabinets. A properly designed and well-constructed kitchen is money well spent.
Ultimately, every homeowner wishing to upgrade their property has a limitless number of possibilities. Working with professional designers, like Standard Kitchen & Bath, will ensure the greatest outcomes for your renovation. When you’re ready to remodel, Standard Kitchen & Bath is the clear choice in East TN.
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