Doesn’t everyone love to see what’s hot in kitchen design and décor? Some of us are building new, and some ready, or wishing, to remodel. Here are some of the kitchen trends for 2019 that we are excited about.

White With a Splash of Color
All white minimalist kitchens can get a fresh look by adding splashes of color. Add some color by changing the island, or lower cabinets. Two-toned cabinets are totally trending right now. Or, try colored upholstery on stools, colored pendants and pops of colors in vases and display items in glass cabinetry (which is also a kitchen trend this year). Colorful or geometric backsplashes also add interest and can bring in a complimentary color against a classic white cabinet.

Fun With Hardware
Wood or leather cabinet pulls are very new and mix well with additions of wood and rattan elsewhere in the kitchen to help move toward the new warm and natural trend. One of our favorite trends is acrylic pulls with brass caps.  Concrete, honed stone, and artisanal tiles fit as well.

Touch-activated faucets are no longer a fad but great for food safety, efficiency and the environment, as are new hoods which can turn on and off automatically, be concealed in a traditional design, as well as sound quieter and look more artful than industrial hoods. Technology is more likely to be integrated into newer kitchens, maybe with wifi enabled coffee makers, and wine pour preservation systems. And which modern family doesn’t need a charging station with multiple outlets hidden in drawers.


Custom Cabinetry
The newest custom cabinetry can be designed just for you with functional places for everything you need. Custom spice drawers, pan racks and more. Also, cleverly concealed storage, including integrated appliances produce a seamless look in custom cabinets in Knoxville. Slim hoods and induction cooktops are still popular and complete that streamlined look.

Saturated Colors
Matte black cabinet finishes are a new exciting trend, and can create eye-opening reactions with a coordinating backsplash and bold pendant lighting. Riding along with the darker focus are hunter green, navy, and charcoal cabinets. The perfect accent is brass and gold hardware. Mixed metals have made a huge comeback with kitchen cabinets in Knoxville with pewter, copper and brass enhancing modern kitchens. Gunmetal seems to be the latest, but combinations are growing in designs by professionals.

Open Shelving
One of the most appealing new looks improves on the open shelving trend, and creates displays for them of curated vignettes combining artful crocks, vases, books and the like. Open shelving paired with custom cabinetry makes a unique space feel open and accessible.

Choose some of these trends that sound especially appealing to you and talk to our designers to see how they might fit with your remodel or new kitchen. You may decide that you are ready for an exciting new project.

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