By Connie Edwards, CKD, CBD


I don’t know about you, but Houzz.com is one of my favorite sites. This website inspires me at every corner and there is a number of Waypoint projects posted there too.

If you’re not familiar with the website, it is the world’s largest design database with over two million images uploaded by design and remodeling professionals. Registered consumers can create idea books with different categories such as landscaping, kitchens, bathrooms, or anything else that interests them. Then when an image ‘speaks’ to them, it can be placed in the appropriate idea book, personal notes added and saved for inspiration for the next home improvement project. In the past, people used to gather magazine clippings to do this but now it can all be done digitally from your phone, tablet or computer.

In addition consumers can post questions and the Houzz community (consumers and professionals alike) will chime-in with suggestions. I actually signed up and get a listing of what Houzz considers the hot topics and projects. Every week it shows up in my inbox. Another helpful thing about the site is that the designers/ remodelers can be privately messaged. Whether it’s a question about a posted project or to discuss hiring them for their own personal job, it all happens online.Waypoint’s style 650S in Maple Linen

I recently contacted the good people at Houzz to discuss their recent survey on (what else?) kitchens. This is what I found out: Houzz surveyed over 7800 homeowners who had plans to remodel their kitchen.Of the group, a third had already started their project and the rest were in the planning phase. To me, that makes them pretty well-qualified to share what is important to them when it comes to kitchens.

While the reasons for remodeling varied from improving the look and feel of the room to opening up the floor plan, the participants had very definite ideas of what they wanted in the finished product. Here’s what I learned:

STYLE: While style is a highly personal thing, the Houzz survey clearly divided style preferences by age. Those 25-44 defined their style as either contemporary or modern while the vast majority of the participants in the 45 to 65+ range chose traditional as their preferred style.

COLOR: The survey showed that 75% wanted a soft/neutral color scheme for their kitchens. Only 14% wantedWaypoint’s style 750F in Maple Cream Glaze a bright and colorful kitchen and even less desired bold and dramatic. This doesn’t surprise me at all. Neutral colors are easier to live with and interesting textures and accessories will keep the room from becoming boring. Neutral color schemes make sense too if a home resale is in the plans.

SPATIAL PREFERENCES: While only about a third of the respondents planned to enlarge their kitchen but 77% planned to open the kitchen to another room. Of course an island ranked high on nearly everyone’s list.

SURFACES: Some things in the survey will come as little surprise. Stainless steel appliances dominated butWaypoint’s Tawny Oak some plan to mix them with white, colored or integrated (appliances with wood fronts to blend in with the cabinetry) appliances. Granite and Quartz countertops headed the list. Many planned to differentiate the island countertop material from the main work surface. Hardwood was the preferred flooring with tile a close second choice and tile was what 50% of the respondents desired for their back splashes.

Kitchen design is highly personal but I find it’s always good to know what others are doing.

Article By Connie Edwards, CKD, CBD

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