As we sail into 2021, there is still much confusion regarding when life will go back to normal. However, for many, working from home will be the new “normal”. With the help of technology that we’ve mastered during times of lockdown or quarantine, many companies no longer see the need to meet in an office every day. Regardless of your current situation, one thing is for sure; 2020 taught us the importance of having a home office! Today, we’ll break down 7 great tips & tricks to keep in mind for designing the best home office possible.
#1.) Consider Location
Let’s face it, our homes get pretty hectic at times. Choosing a secluded location away from the living room, the TV, and the kitchen may help to alleviate some of that noise.

Image via Architectural Digest

#2.) Maximize Vertical Wall Space
In order to keep your workspace clear, maximize your vertical wall space with the help of tools such as floating shelves. You can even hang filing folders, decorations, photos, or anything beneficial to keeping your desk free of clutter.

Image via Wood Tailors Club

#3.) Keep It Bright
You want your workspace to be comfortable, but not too dim and subdued. It’s your desk, not your bed! So while you may want to keep it comfy with a throw blanket on your chair, it’s also a gamechanger to keep bright lighting (from the use of some sort of lamp or natural lighting from windows) to keep your area upbeat.

Image via Gypsy Tan

#4.) Add Color
So now that you have your lighting, we’ve got you covered with one more way to ensure the livelihood of your home office is using a pop of color! Nice lighting + bright colors = a productive workspace.

Image via Chairish

#5.) Practice Minimalism
While it may be tempting to pile up books or add your favorite picture frame on top of the desk, it might be better to skip it. By keeping the desk area free of any distractions, you’ll create a tidier, more productive workspace for yourself.

Image via Country Living

#6.) Choose Comfort
Don’t choose the chair that looks the best, choose the chair that feels the best. Preserving our comfort is extremely important in ensuring that we have a useful home office. You’re never going to want to use it if it isn’t a somewhat comfortable spot to work!

Image via Country Living

#7.) Spark Creativity
One great way to ensure that your home office is a space of creativity and productivity is surrounding yourself with items that will spark this! For some, it’s beautiful artwork on the walls. For some, it could be a speaker in the room playing music. Whatever sparks creativity in you, incorporate it into the room!

Image via Decoraid

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