With the new decade in full swing, it is time to spice up your kitchen! Weather adding decorative colors, unique finishes or custom built-in features, updating your home is always a fun task! We came up with the five most exciting and out-of-the-box concepts to consider incorporating into your home this year!
1. Brighten the Interior-
Want to add a pop of color to your space but not sure how you feel about such a drastic change? Try paiting the inside of your cabinets!
By inocorporating some color into the interior side of your cabinets, you can expose your wild side or choose to hide it when you wish! This small detail can add a huge difference to an aspect of your home that many people wouldn’t expect!
2. Go Glossy-
Adding a coat of lacquer to your kitchen cabinets will deffinitly add a sense of originiality to your space! Whether it be a simple champaign gold or a bold red wine, these high gloss cabinets will add so much depth to your home!
This glamorous finish also adds reflective properties to your kitchen. This technique has been used to make any room feel more spacious for years!
3. Incorporate Alternative Finishes-
Incorporating wood cabinets with alternate finishes into your home can add a variety of tones and textures. Ranging from warm oak to a subtle gray marble, alternative finish wood cabinets can add a rustic feel to any space! Combine finishes and the possibilities are endless!
This beautiful sense of muted wood is a sure fire way to add character to any kitchen space!
4. Bring the Outside In- This may be one of our favorites!
If you explored any 2019 home inspiration board on Pinterest, you deffinitly came accross posts incorporating greenery into different living spaces. Whether it be on the floor, hanging over head or set inside cabinets, this sense of nature is definitely a trend that will follow into years to come!
Incorporating plants into your home design, especially cabinet feature, is a beautiful way to liven up any space!
5. Build the perfect custom features-
Sometimes you need to truly think out-of-the-box to build your dream home! Adding a custom, built-in dog bed, for example, gives your family’s best friend a place to hang out close by while you are preparing dinner!
No matter what your dream kitchen intails, there is always a way to make your home unique and fit for your family!
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